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About Madisyn

Madisyn (Instructor) & Elsie

NRA Firearms Instructor - Hunter - Dog Mom - Boone CO PF Board - Range Safety Officer

I Carry My Own (ICMO) is a business/brand that offers firearm instruction for women only. I started this business, because I knew women needed their own avenue & resources to make their way into the firearm industry. The firearm industry can be intimidating, so I decided to put myself in a place, to be that helping hand to assist women stepping in this industry. Once you find comfort in anything, you can't help but grow your confidence & knowledge.

My goal in life has always been to become a Firearms Instructor. Once I became certified & teaching classes. I knew I was called to educate women on firearms, the handling, safety, and help grow their confidence. Women should be able to walk into a gun store or range and have confidence and feel no intimidation. From loading a pistol to firing, knowing what to look for when selecting a pistol for themselves.

Ladies, I am here to assist you in anyway I can help to build your confidence and education in the firearms industry. Male dominated. Let's break the narrative.

• Offering Iowa Carry Class
• Pistol Education
• 1:1 Instruction
• Private Group Classes

All instructed by a female NRA Instructor.




Madisyn is fantastic! She's patient, knowledgeable and willing to help with anything. Definitely recommend her class! 

~ Kathy Boon


 Madisyn is an Excellent Firearm Instructor- I came to the Pistol class knowing enough to be dangerous and left confident enough to be Safe. No pressure or performance anxiety, just knowledgeable and patient guidance for a super educational experience. Don’t wait or wonder - just do it!

~ Courtney Gibbs

Madisyn is very patient, knowledgeable and dedicated to teaching woman about guns, gun safety, and shooting. I wanted to learn about hand guns, how to pick out the one I wanted, gun safety and how to shoot. I highly recommend any lady wanting to feel comfortable asking questions, Madisyn is the lady to teach you. I took my Permit to Carry and Pistol Orientation. I look forward in gaining comfort of carrying a gun in me and continued shooting practice. I also look forward in continuing education opportunities that Madisyn will be adding.

~ Angie Kiefer

Shout out to Madisyn for teaching our girl gang all about guns and gun safety and etiquette! We got some shots fired off and had fun learning and improving. Can’t wait to check out ladies night at the range sometime soon!

Kayla Zevenbergen

Can’t say enough positive things about Madisyn. Knowledgeable, confident, patient, and skilled. I took one class with her and would love to sign up for additional classes. Highly recommend her services!

Keely Teresa

I took the gun handling class last night with Madisyn and I can’t say enough great things about it and her! Madisyn rocks! Her confidence and energy is contagious and I left there feeling more comfortable with my gun than I have ever been. My husband was impressed - he said he couldn’t believe how far I had come in just those two and half hours spent with Madisyn! She definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone but I had an awesome time. Thank you, Madisyn, and I am looking forward to the next class on the 28th! Ladies, treat yourself to a class or a lesson with Madisyn - you won’t be sorry!!

~ DeNae Foster

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